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You can count on us

We would like to reassure you that we are here to provide you with support during this difficult time. You can count on Spirax Sarco for advice, support and expertise. Our manufacturing plants are open, our warehouses are stocked and our teams are working hard to ensure we can continue supply of the essential products and services that you need.

Here when you need us the most

  • We are available to visit you onsite - all Spirax Sarco personnel will wear full safety and respiratory protective equipment.

  • Remote support - if you need to talk to a steam expert, we can provide support on the telephone and video call.

  • Need access to critical spares - one of our steam experts can help you identify the critical components you need to keep your steam system up and running.

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SE Contact Details

Spirax Sarco AB

Evenemangsgatan 40, plan 2
169 56 Solna

Our Team

Jakob Östenson

Distriksansvarig Söder

Jonas Gabrielsson

Distriktsansvarig Stockholm

Karl-Oskar Hedström

Technical Support

Mats Aronsson

OEM Sector Specialist

Magnus Paulsson

Servicetekniker Söder

Patrik Andersson

Distriktsansvarig Väster

Pär Lagberg

Servicetekniker Väst

Sonny Åkesson


Thomas Östenson

Säljchef, Sverige

Tommi Näverlöf

Service Engineer

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