Echipamente Auxiliare Tubulaturii

Aburul uscat si curat este crucial pentru longevitatea si viabilitatea instalatiei dvs. Contribuiti la aceasta investitie prin diagnostic vizual si intretinere simpla.

Ventil de Aerisire si Evacuator de Aer

Air vents and eliminators to suit your application.

Clapete de Sens

Complete range of check valves available to suit any application.

Supape de Depresurizare

Complete range of depressurisation valves to suit your needs.


Create and safe and silent environment when discharging to atmosphere, essential for Health and Safety compliance.

Statii de spalere cu furtunul Hosedown Stations

Wall mounted unit that allows steam to mix with cold water to provide a hot water source for hosing down.

Manometre si Termometre

Range of pressure and temperature gauges to suit any application, including a hygienic option.


Separators - designed to gather small water droplets from steam and separate them from the pipeflow.

Vizoare de Curgere

Sight glasses allow quick and easy visual inspection throughout your system.

Filtre si Site

High efficiency steam strainers and filters for better quality steam.

Ruptoare de Vid

Used to break the vacuum in a system when the system pressure drops below atmospheric pressure.

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